I am talking to animals since 2009. During a training for spiritual healing I had just tried and asked a sick bullfinch sitting on my balcony whether he would allow me to send a chakra harmonisation. It worked and the bird returned the next day for a second treatment. I then started to talk to horses and cats and later on to other animals as well as stones in sacred Celtic places and a seaground area in the North Sea. Nature is animated and full of wisdom when we get into its vibrating language. The name Faye appeared with my opening for this new path. Before I worked in science, perambulated the Orient and found my spiritual home in Sufism. The discovery of my telepathic ability was such a surprise that I needed some time to integrate this new identity. During this period I studied homeopathy for two years at the Irish School of Homeopathy. I practise and apply my knowledge to support a better understanding between humans and animals.


I am born on 4th of October and this might have contributed to my love of animals. It is the great day of the saint Franz von Assisi (1182-1226). They say he talked to animals. One of his sayings is: “Several thousand years of love will be necessary to pay back to the animals all the harm we caused them.” Thus, Franz has already perceived in the 13th century that animals do not receive human respect and today we still find even more appalling examples of ignorance and torture and consistently the attitude that animals are inferior creatures of which humans can dispose at will. This behaviour towards animals and nature is not only destructive, it ignores the perception of the prodigious vibrancy surrounding us. Animal communication means talking with a gentle voice. Many animals I contact are amazed that a human really wants to know how they are and what their opinion or message is – they have been sending it out all the time. I really wish to see an increase of respectful and loving human encounter with animals and plants.

Some Say It's All Fantasy

When starting to talk to animals one of the first lessons for many communicators is to build up trust in their perceptions. Nobody can be hundred per cent sure that some personal thoughts may intermix. Therefore the focus is always to keep oneself free from such personal shares and become a neutral listener and unprejudiced observer. I often ask the animal for its favourite place. In the wrap-up with the owner it turns out that this place is indeed, like the animal had told me, the conservatory, the blue rug, the basket in the bedroom etc. This is also helpful for the human, who had asked me to talk to his animal, to accept the information I received.

Japanese Luminous Jellyfish
Japanese Luminous Jellyfish

I am a recognised healer of the DGH, the German umbrella organisation for spiritual healing.