Animal Communication Helps to Find the Suitable Homeopathic Remedy

The homeopath treating humans will ask his or her patient a whole catalogue of questions to find out about the present condition and to match it with the similar remedy. Animal homeopaths would find some difficulties because they cannot ask the sick animal the same questions. They depend on good observation of the animal’s symptoms and behaviour to find the suitable remedy. Animal communication offers a great advantage at this point because I can ask the animal directly about symptoms and conditions. In addition animals are often good healers themselves and give information on the remedies or other treatments they need.


The image below shows an example of the homeopathic remedy picture Gelsemium

Sacral Chakra Birds


It lies between the hips, over the spine, at the centre of the pelvic girdle


Related organs: pelvis – reproduction system – sexual organs – lower abdomen – large and small intestines


Attributes: creativity – reproduction – desire – pleasure – control – manifestation


Problems: egg laying issues – pelvic/low back pain – reproductive issues – hormonal problems – feather picking – possessive behaviour