How is the Process?

Step 1: You contact me via phone - use What’s App if you like - or  email, and describe your request briefly.


Step 2: I report back to you and record the issue. Please consider the chapter "Prepare the Communication" below.


Step 3: I talk to your animal and document the communication and, as appropriate, the treatment. I usually need 2 or 3 hours for the talk and the documentation. The price for one hour is 40 Euro (40 USD, 35 GBP).


Step 4: I’ll send you the documentation and we arrange a (Skype) call for the wrap-up. I’ll recommend flower essences and/or homeopathic remedies if needed.


In many cases subsequent treatment is beneficial.

I will also travel to your home for treatments if desired.

Prepare the Communication

If you wish a communication, please prepare it. What do you want to learn from your animal? Are you interested in its opinion? Do you want to know how it feels in your family, how it gets along with other animals in your household? Do you want to know its desires? Do you seek its advice referring to a certain issue? Is there quarrelling with other animals in the house and do you want to know why? Does your animal show undesirable behaviour and do you want to know the reason? Are there health problems? Do you want to know whether your animal has pains or is suffering from in any other way? Are you interested in your animal’s past?


Be aware that the answers you receive could be surprising, uncomfortable or require a change in your own behaviour. Animals tend to mirror our own diseases and sometimes even adopt them. This is not desirable and I always try to convince the animal that this is not necessary.

Animal talks are fascinating and do have to do with ourselves and which animal we had chosen to be our fellow. So with the help of animal communication we also enter a self-reflexion.

If I notice during a communication that the animal does not feel well I usually offer an energy harmonisation which has never been rejected so far. Whatever disease is on hand, a harmonization of the chakras and the entire energy system is always relaxing and beneficial for the animal. It activates the self-healing process and supports any other therapy.


Communication with all species is possible. My focus is on cats, horses and birds and you’re welcome to contact me for your donkey, your bees, your elephant or any other animal as well as the oak in your backyard. For the talk I need the name of the animal and its place of domicile.



In his book “Kinship with all Life”, Alan Boone talks about his amazing experience with the famous dog Strongheart, who had played in many films. But also the teachings of a housefly called Freddie are suitable to change the reader’s view on animals. 

Strongheart knew – but only few of his visitors presumed it – that everybody constantly emanates the real facts about himself, his thinking, and his emotions. Nothing of what they did on the outside could conceal this fact from the dog or any alert animal. Because Strongheart detected the mindset of the visitors in this way he treated them accordingly. Those he behaved roughly asked themselves always why “such an awesome dog like Strongheart” treated them in such unsocial and improper way. One of the most important and most disconcerting things my four-legged teacher crammed was the following: no matter where I am or what I do, my spirit always unveils much more than my physical body or my clothing. Neither my inner life nor his or the inner life of any other being is private or can be hidden. We are all nudists always flaunted in front of the public watching and rating us without hindrance.